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Client and Customer Testimonials

I hired HenyKat in October 2017 to hold an estate tag sale at my mother's house in Williamston shortly after she died. Zack and his staff were courteous, professional and easy to work with at a difficult time.

He helped me price items and make decisions about what to sell and keep. He understood sentimental value but also the practical need to sell items for which you had no space. He was never pushy but offered good suggestions based on experience gained from years in the business.

My chief concern was how he possibly could account all the clothing, jewelry, furniture, tools, knickknacks, household items, valuables and antiques my mother had accumulated over a lifetime. Zack has a background in computers and information services, and to my amazement he was able to provide me with detailed spreadsheets of every item sold and for how much.
He cleared all the items that did not sell at Mother's house to an old store he keeps in Fountain and auctioned them online. I was able to follow along with the bidding and even place bids on items I thought I might want to keep if they did not sell for more.

Nearly everything had sold by the end of the process, even a spinet piano which we were afraid no one would buy. I received two large checks, one after the tag sale and one after the online auction. The money went a long way in reimbursing expenses we incurred with mother's illness and passing.

Of course HenyKat took a small commission for their efforts, but the amount of work they put in and the service they delivered was worth that and more.

Bobby Burns

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